Interview with Editor-In-Chief of WittyFeed, Leena Duwadi

nterview with Leena Duwadi
Interview with Leena Duwadi

Interview with Leena Duwadi

Leena Duwadi is a media professional from Bharatpur, Nepal with a true passion for digital journalism and over eight years of experience in TV and Radio. As the Editor-in-Chief of WittyFeed, Leena Duwadi gathered talented teams in India and USA that manage over 25 Facebook properties and a flow of 1200+ articles a month.

Digital Guruji: Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Leena Duwadi: I am a digital media person. I call myself a dreamer, believer, achiever, influencer, admirer, follower and so on.

Digital Guruji: How did you started your carrer?

Leena Duwadi: My journey to media industry started in 2004. I worked in radio and TV for many years. Later I moved to digital content industry. In 2014 mid, I happened to join WittyFeed.

Digital Guruji: what’s your education qualification?

Leena Duwadi:  MA in Demography / MSc in Value Education.

Digital Guruji: what are your Future Plans?

Leena Duwadi: I am enjoying my job and I want to excel it to its best.

Digital Guruji: what kind of problem did you faced while Journey of WittyFeed?

Leena Duwadi: Digital was very much new for me. Also, I had moved from hardcore news to light-hearted content. I had to adapt the flavor of millennial content.

Digital Guruji: Who is your ideal and why?

Leena Duwadi: I follow many empowered wo/men, I read them, I follow their social handles, I watch them on various streams. They all are my ideals. Their speech makes me realize where I am and how much I have to do in life.

Digital Guruji: What did you do to get rid of it?

Leena Duwadi: I read a lot. I wrote a lot. I tried to do everything that required.

Digital Guruji: What was your role in WittyFeed, being Editor-In-Chief ? 

Leena Duwadi: My responsibilities at WittyFeed were to:

  • Manage, control and lead the discovery, development, and distribution of content.
  • To Ensure that content is editorially sound.
  • To Secure the virality of every content piece that floats on WittyFeed’s websites.
  • Also to Reject writing that appears to be plagiarized or appears to be of little interest to the audience.
  • Making Planning and strategy as per the vision, ethics, and policies of the website.
  • Evaluating writers/editors’ performance.
  • To Motivate team members and make sure they work with joy.
  • Hiring writers and editors.
  • To Train writers and editors and help them grow.
  • Working towards the commercial success of the website.
Digital Guruji: Why did you want to be a journalist?

Leena Duwadi: I used to love sitting in front of television and watching news bulletins when i was a kid. Even though I had no clue what the news meant to be. The media profession always fascinated me and finally I happened to enter the media world when I completed my 12th.

Digital Guruji: How do you manage your time?

Leena Duwadi: It’s all about setting up the priorities. I prioritize works that matter to me. I religiously follow my to-do list which helps me a lot. I put even the smallest task on my to do list.

Digital Guruji: Any success mantras for Digital Guruji readers?

Leena Duwadi: Success is a vague term. If you are leading a contented life, you are successful. Also, there’s no mantra for success.
Keep accomplishing good works, keep yourself high-spirited and influence people around you in a positive manner, you are successful. Earn people more than money and you are the happiest person in the world.

Digital Guruji: What makes you feel happy?

Leena Duwadi: I feel happy when I mark ‘done’ to my every small/big task.

Digital Guruji: what are your weakness?

Leena Duwadi: I am socially very awkward. This is my weakness.

Digital Guruji: what was the reaction of your family members when you told that you are going to start online?

Leena Duwadi: For the whole two years, my mom didn’t know what I was doing. She could hardly understand that online media can be a great career option. Later when I started getting some media coverage, my mom and my sisters started feeling proud of me.

Digital Guruji: what’s your daily life routine?
Leena Duwadi: I wake up around 7. I listen to spiritual session. I finish up my daily morning chores. I spend 10 around hours at office.
Apart from usual house routine, I read/watch good content oriented stuff and news at night. On weekends, I read more and I watch more.

Digital Guruji: How was your 2018?

Leena Duwadi: For me, the year 2018 happened to be a wonderful one. I visited China, Nepal, Netherlands and multiple cities in India in 2018. Also learned a lot of things, Met a lot of new people, made a lot of good memories.

I look forward to have a great year ahead.



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