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interview with riya roy

Riya Roy was born on 30 August 1994 and brought up in Kolkata. Till class 12 she studied in a typical bengali Medium school.

Then she got selected in JEE for Hotel Management in Hyderabad City.

First few days was quite challenging for her in new city, As she was not that much good in English and it was not quite intro wards too.

During her 3 years of graduation she won 5 gold medals in various competition and won the title as Miss Fresher and Most Cutiest Girl in College.

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When she was in 2nd year her dad got expired. Again her life forced her to take another challenge of her life. Riya Roy dream was to go to London and do MBA got, all her dreams got shattered.

Riya accepted her life’s challenge,she started doing job so as to help mother in solving financial problems of Home. Her first job was in Domino’s as a assistant Store Manager. 16,000 Rs was Riya Roy first salary,then also she was not satisfied. She always wanted to do something where she can show creativity, or where she can explore. So she quite that job and went to Sikkim.

People says that she is restless and yes they all are right. Riya always feels likes she dont have much time and she need to learn and do so many things. So she always try to maintain so many things at a same time. She learned German,French,Italian, she learned to plan how to decorate any event, she learned Fruit Sculpting ( Decorative pieces made from Fruits and vegetables) and as well as riya started learning about website and Digital Marketing too.

Now she is a French language trainer and as well as Digital Marketer too.

In last two months she has handled more than 50 different projects in Digital Marketing and successfully completed them. Worked with so many High Profile Indian Clients and well as working with Foreign clients too. Right now she is handling her digital marketing project On Fiat Cars from Italy.

As she is very well talented in many sectors, Let’s talk with Riya Roy About her Life. here we begin

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Digital Guruji : What steps must be taken by indian government to empower women?

Riya Roy : I think girls ko har filled mei age barana chahiye. Hum girls hai issilia hum logo ko humesha boundation mei rakha jata hai. Hum girls hai issilia humlogo ko protest karne ka haaq nhi h kuch log aisa thinking aj v rakhte hai.

So Government should come up with a law jisse gender discrimination mit jaye. As well as ladkio ko power dena chahiye aisa jisse ladkio k lia jo ganda soch raklhte hai ya gandi harqat karte hai unka namonishan hum girls hi mita de.

Digital Guruji : what are your future plans ?

Riya Roy : I want to start my own company on Digital Marketing. Abhi meri team 10 members ki hai,but mujhe isko 1000+ ya usse jyada ka team banana hai. Humesha mere employees ko happy rakhna hai abhi k tarha. Q k somehow iI believe meri ye success k piche mere team members and as well as mere friends ki blessings zaroor hai. One of My dream is – mujhe apna name Wikipedia mei dekhna hai but I cant achieve that without my team. So wish me good luck for that

Digital Guruji : who is your source of inspiration?

Riya Roy :My first source of inspiration is the hatred from my enemies . Then it is my love of My Life and somehow my family too.

Digital Guruji : what if you will be president of India?

Riya Roy : If I become the Next President Of India then my first step would be No SC/ST or OBC category. All Indian will comes under general Category. No seat reserve policy,if you are capable you will get the job.I will build more pet house for road side Dogs and cats and other animals. More Orphanage for Orphan babies.

Digital Guruji : How did you get the idea to enter into digital marketing! how is your experience with DM. What would you like to suggest to new comers?

Riya Roy :Few years ago I had a Youtube channel. And for myself me and many friends made lots of gmail ids. Slowly I started noticing that like me there are so many other people too who wants to have lots of subscribers,reviews,ratings and wants to make their sector famous. Then that idea came up into my mind. First I started selling subscribers for extra money then slowly and gradually after lots of experiment I made it my profession

Till now my experience with Digital Marketing is so awesome. Few months back I didn’t expected that I am going to handle so many projects

For new comers I can suggest them definitely it can be a successful career for them. But I needs patience. And English is compulsory.

Digital Guruji Interview with Riya Roy

Digital Guruji : How is your experience with Digital Guruji Interview?

Riya Roy :Well well well my experience with Digital Guruji Interview is very nice. After all you are gonna make me famous right

would you like to tell something about your boyfriend. Your first meeting..and love….

Aahmm My Love.. I met with him in facebook There were so many girls who were after His cute Look and smile . But he choose me, and he always support me alot. He never said no to me for any work.

Digital Guruji : You also deal with international client..what’s difference between international and indian client..

Riya Roy :Yes as I m handling both Indian and International clients so major differences what I noticed is that they dont have jealousy that much like us. They always believe in your capability and they always ready to pay as much as you want if you are capable.

Kya apne digital marketing ka course Kiya h? Bina coaching k bi koi expert ban skta h!

Course nhi ki.. Bt I did self-Study. And actually mera lover ek Digital Marketing company mei head position mei hai. Toh mujhe wo bhi bht guide and support kia.

So yes I can say that bina Coaching k ban sakte hai expert bt that depends on person to person. Hum mei se kuch hote hai Jabtak unko practical karke samjhaya nhi jaye tabtak wo samjh nhi pate. Toh you are belong to that category then institute best rahega

Digital marketing ka main part Kya h..
Ppc.. SEO .smm. smo..
Kya aap inke baare m detail m hamare users ko by skti h?

Actually Digital Marketing is a huge sector. Basically Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium

Humlog only 4 sector ko jyada jante hai bt actually it has 9 different branches

PPC SEO Content Marketing Affiliate Marketing Viral Marketing and So on

Let’s talk about ppc first- ppc statnds for pay per click. Basically Ppc is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically website owner hote hai ya toh a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

I think SEO is the most famous digital marketing term we all know about. You are having a Site or planning to launch a new site then definately you have come across with this term. So SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event.

And SMM or Social media marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service.

Jab mai shuru ki toh first problem jo mai thira face ki k mujhe un company o k sath takkar deke unse better service dene thy clients ko. Freelancers hoke clients k andar trust buildup karna thaa k onlu big reknowned company hi nhi hum jaise not so famous freelancers v project samhal sakte hai

And ye toh hum sab jante hai hi jab v hum better performance karne lagte hai logo k ankho mei wo khatakne lagte hai. Mere sath v hua shuru shuru mei

Digital Guruji :Jab apne starting m ye Sab kaam start Kiya ..apko Kya Kya dikkat aayi ..– and family support kesa rha?

Riya Roy : As being a digital marketer muje din bhar system and mobile lekar baithe rahna hota tha. toh other family k parents k jaise Meri maa ko bi lagta tha k me net par time waste Kar rhi hu, faltu ka chat karke.

But dheere dheere unko mai samjhayi k ye mera work hai. Pehle unko laga mai jhut bolrahi hoon. :v But jab unko mere earing ka pata chalne laga she has to believe on me. Aab wo gussa nhi karti mujhpe.

Digital Guruji: what keeps you motivated for work? Who is your ideal?

Riya Roy: My motivation for work are my enemies and those who thought i cant do anything in my life.

My ideal is my dad and my love of my life.I want to be like him. His dedication towards his work, some tine i feel jealous with his laptop. It seems like his laptop his first girlfriend and i am secondary.

Digital Guruji: Any bad incidendence in your life which you can’t forget alife?

Riya Roy: There are many. But the day which is worst in my life is when i lost my dad infront of my eyes.

Digital Guruji: what’s your daily life routine?

Riya Roy: Normally i wake up late. After opening my eyes the first thing i do is check my msgs. Right now i am dieting mode so i do skip my breakfast. Then just do a rough scheduling about day to days work and inform my team. Whole day get pass like this only.

In the evening i go for evening walk and use to have golgappa. Sometime i do play luddoking with him ( depends if he is free from his work and if he send me msgs). After having my dinner till i fall asleep i do late night talk with him from 10:30.

I dont allow or entertain or attend any client’s call or msgs, don’t care how much important is that client for me.That time i only care about him,from kya lunch kia to kya kya work kia sab usse share karna zaroory hai mere lia.

Digital Guruji: How do you find the current political situation in India?

Riya Roy: Current political situation in India is just worst.Kahi BJP kahi Congress toh kahi TMC.They are also following the same rule as BRITISHERS – “Divide and Rule” . Agar India ko us mukam mei dekhna hai toh right now ek hi solution Central Government.

Digital Guruji: what’s the scope of digital marketing era in world?

Riya Roy: Right Now Digital Marketing is a booming carrier.And the demand of this sector will only increase its demand. But right now every one is taking this carrier so easily for quick bucks.

If quick earning is your main moto then boss you will also be a temporary in this field. Gain knowledge and Work hard if you wants to be permanent in this sector.

Thanks Riya Roy for giving your auspicious time to Digital Guruji. We think that people will take some inspiration from your interview.

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