Love is Never Arranged, It Just Happens! A Beautiful Love Story

Love is Never Arranged, It Just Happens ! A Beautiful Love Story
Love is Never Arranged, It Just Happens ! A Beautiful Love Story

We had an Arranged Marriage. Before marriage, I talked to Shubhangi a lot and I also liked her very much. I used to work in an IT company and she was a teacher in school. I had little doubt that Shubhangi would not adjust with me after marriage because my office timing was too much. I used to go at 9 in the morning and come home at 8 in the night. The office was far away from home, so it used to take about an hour to come.

We were married on 10 November 2012 and after 2 days of marriage, we went out for a walk. Shubhangi was still not very open with me, maybe a little shy but I was of completely opposite nature.

I used to do everything openly and I had told a lot about myself to Shubhangi. So on this day, we were wandering outside in the market of Sector 22 of Chandigarh. Shubhangi was eating pop corn and looked very cute. I asked Shubhangi while walking “So what else do you like to do, movies or any sports or … ??”

I just said this, Shubhangi looked at me and said “I want to go to my mother’s house …..”

Without any question I said “okay I’ll leave you tomorrow morning at Mummy’s house”

I had not yet seen the happiness that I wanted to see on Shubhangi’s face. We walked for a while in the market and then went home. Don’t know why, Shubhangi looked a little sad to me. I asked too but he did not say anything, just said that there is a new place so I feel a little different.

The next day morning, Shubhangi and I agreed to go to her mother’s house. Shubhangi looked happy that day. My house is in Sector 46 of Chandigarh and Shubhangi’s house is in Zirakpur, about 12 kilometers from Chandigarh. We reached Shubhangi’s house in a few minutes. As soon as she got out of the car, Shubhangi was nervous to go inside her house. When we went to Shubhangi’s house, I saw that Shubhangi’s father was lying on the bed, he looked ill.

When I asked Shubhangi’s mother about her health, she told that she has a lot of sugar and her health had worsened since marriage. The doctor has told that his Kidneys have deteriorated and now he has dialysis. I knew the reason for Shubhangi’s sadness, but I felt bad why Shubhangi did not tell me all this earlier.

After eating food at Shubhangi’s house, I was about to go to my house that Shubhangi came to me and said “We were just married so I did not tell you about my father’s health, otherwise you will also get depressed and happy family Also decreases.

I told Shubhangi “Shubhangi, since we got married I just wanted to see happiness on your face. I might not be able to give you precious gifts but your happiness is very precious to me and I promise that you will always be happy and I will try to never let this sweet smile come from your face and yes please do not hide anything from me from now on. Now go in and take care of your father. All the days you Hanna stay, just let me continue to call everyday 🙂

That day Shubhangi hugged me for the first time and our arranged marriage turned into a love marriage.

That day I understood one thing – Love is Never Arranged, It Just Happens !!!!



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