Best workouts to Do at home for Man & Women

Best workouts to do at home
Best workouts to do at home

Exercise boosts your internal defense system, improves your bone health and lowers health risks like heart problems, diabetes, and many more life-threatening diseases. With the growing family importance and ambitious job culture, exercise takes a backseat in the preference list. Best Workout at Home for Man & Women.

Most of us make very silly excuses for not exercising regularly like I am too busy, so I can’t get time to do exercise. But, with proper outlining, you can take some time out of your busy routine for your future own well-being. There is no doubt that daily workout is the best path to live a fit and healthy life. To begin with, workout you do not have to visit the gym! You can start at home!

5 Best Exercises to Do at Home

Here are 5 easy to do exercises that every man or woman can do at home. All of these exercises need no equipment. You can use your body weight itself as equipment.


Squats help you get in better shape when included in a daily workout plan. Squats are known for strengthening lower body muscles. Squats can be done in many variations.

How to do Squats
Squats: Best workouts to do at home

How to do Squats:

  • Stand straight with feet wide apart, not wider than your shoulder’s width.
  • Bend down in a sitting on chair position in such a way that your knees do not go beyond your toes.
  • Squats will tone your legs and it also gives shapes to your abs.
  • Start with 25 squats a day and then increase.


Crunches are more effective & simple exercises for abs and oblique muscles. Crunches are known for strengthening the core and abdominal muscles. Crunches can be done in many variations.

Crunches: Best workouts to do at home
Crunches: Best workouts to do at home

How to do Crunches:

  • Lie down with your knees bent as shown in the gif, feet wide apart.
  • Place your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your head upwards but do not push your head to lift with hands, the pressure should be felt on the abs.
  • Try to touch your knee with the elbow.
  • Go back to the original position and repeat the same.
  • Crunches help in toning the abs and makes the tummy flatter.


The plank strengthens oblique & helps to build stronger abs. Plank is used to strengthening and toning the whole body. It is a very useful and effective exercise.

Plank:  Best workouts to do at home
Plank: Best workouts to do at home

How to do Plank:

  • Place your body up on your forearms and toes in such a way that your body remains straight and parallel to the ground.
  • Stay in this position for 30 seconds and then repeat after a 10 seconds break.


Lunges assist you to strengthen your lower body and mobility in your hips. Lunges are useful for shaping the legs & also useful to stretch the body.

Lunges: Best workouts to do at home
Lunges: Best workouts to do at home

How to do Lunges:

  • Stand straight with one leg ahead and one behind your body as shown in the gif.
  • Bend your knee, of one leg at each time and touch it to ground.
  • Come back to the original position keeping the weight in your heels.
  • Repeat the same with another leg.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks targets the whole body. It is the best cardio exercise. Jumping jacks makes your heart stronger, builds muscles stronger, helps in weight loss, builds stronger bones, uplifts your mood instantly and also helps to relieve stress. Jumping jacks makes you stronger, flexible by improving your stability and stamina. 100-120 reps of jumping jacks are enough for the day.

Jumping Jacks:  Best workouts to do at home
Jumping Jacks: Best workouts to do at home

How to do Jumping jacks:

  • Stand straight with your feet together & hands on your sides.
  • Jump along with raising your arms above your head & bring your feet apart.
  • Reverse the movement immediately & come back to the original position.
  • Start doing it faster.

High Knees

High Knees is a very effective exercise. High Knees helps you work on inner thighs and outer hip areas. High Knee will let you increase your heartbeat & help in losing the extra fat of the body. Just jump with lifting one of your knees each time and tap it with your hand. Repeat the same procedure with another knee on the next jump.

High Knees: Best workouts to do at home
High Knees: Best workouts to do at home

How to do High Knees:

  • Stand straight with feet hip-width apart.
  • Raise your right knee as high as possible while raising your left arm.
  • Reverse the move.
  • Continue pulling knees up quickly.

All of these exercises mentioned above are very effective in losing fat and toning the body. When working out together, these exercises will target every part of your body and help you to strengthen the muscles.

Always remember, health is wealth. It’s never too late to start! Make a weekly workout plan. Take out some time from your busy day and start these simple exercises every day at home.  

Eat healthy, shed some calories and stay happy and healthy!

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