Interview with 5x National Boxing Champion – Deepanshu Chauhan

Interview with National Boxing Champion - Boxer Deepanshu Chauhan
Interview with National Boxing Champion - Deepanshu Chauhan

Another boxer from Jhajjar, Haryana seems to be making the right noise inside the ring. Hard training, discipline, strict training routine are some of the key points behind her rise. Interview with National Boxing Champion Boxer Deepanshu Chauhan. He has won 5 times gold Medal in National Boxing Championship.

Boxer Deepanshu Chauhan Interview

Digital Guruji : Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from and where did you grow up? 

Deepanshu chauhan : To start with, my name is Deepanshu Chauhan and people call me by Boxer Rohit Singh Rajput. I was born and brought up in Jhajjar district of Haryana.

Digital Guruji : Why did you think of starting Boxing? 

Deepanshu chauhan : When I was in class 8th I saw Mr. Vijendra Singh winning the Olympic medal for India. That was the moment when I felt like starting to learn boxing.

Digital Guruji : How do you train yourself?

Deepanshu chauhan : I undergo strict training every day by covering each and every form of the game right from physical, mental, & technical.  I follow a tight routine and a healthy diet to make my body ready for boxing championships.

Digital Guruji : What are your strengths and weakness, as a boxer?

Boxer Deepanshu chauhan : My coaches tell me that my defense is very strong and I believe that I have to work more on my attacks, which will make me more noxious in the ring.

Digital Guruji : What were the challenges that you faced initially and how did you overcome it? 

Deepanshu chauhan : All though I was sure about boxing, Initially I didn’t know where to start with…then one day what happened was I went to my school gym where Students used to learn boxing and I started practicing there Suddenly our school coach arrived and he scolded me for doing that but the very next day he called me and told me i’ ll make you learn boxing. And I was very happy to hear this from him.and so my journey started.

Digital Guruji : How do you define success? 

Deepanshu chauhan : Success according to me is when you love to do anything with your whole heart and you achieve to do so and you get recognition for that achievement.

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Digital Guruji : Tell us something about your education & family background. 

Deepanshu chauhan : I pursued my high school and intermediate from Gurugram. After completing my intermediate I took admission in Maharshi  Dayanand University Rohtak to pursue my graduation. I belong to a farmer family.

Digital Guruji : The Indian Boxing Council is seen as a positive augury for boxers from the past few years. What’s your take?

Boxer Deepanshu chauhan : My opinion is that one can enough decent money as aspirant boxers. If you do well in major competitions of boxing championship you get handsome cash awards from the govt and a good government job too, what more you want, so don’t think taking the professional boxing route is as charming as people are saying.

Digital Guruji : How has been the support from friends and family? 

Deepanshu chauhan : There has been huge support from my elder sister Aruna Chauhan. She was always there in my ups ‘n’ downs.

Digital Guruji : How often do you get hurt while boxing?

Deepanshu chauhan : Getting hurt is a part of boxing. In fact, it is very rare that I do not get injured as this boxing is high octane and erratic.

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Digital Guruji : Any Special Achievements you want to share with us? 

Deepanshu chauhan : Yes  I won gold medals for 5 times at national level championship (2011-2015).

Digital Guruji : Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful boxer? 

Deepanshu chauhan :  Success has no shortcuts. You have to be hardworking, disciplined, and very dedicated to your sport. You have to love it when you do.

Digital Guruji : How do you prepare yourself just before a boxing match?

Boxer Deepanshu chauhan : I meditate and anticipate my fights and try to do all things I can to get my mental focus on track. At the same time, I practice as much as possible. I do not eat any kind of junk food, that make an effect on my concentration in any way.

Digital Guruji : If you had a magic stick, which are the two things you would change in the world? 

Deepanshu chauhan : Though I don’t believe in magic tricks but still if I was given magical powers I would love to change the mindsets of people who see boxing as a sport to get some govt jobs.

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Digital Guruji : If you had the chance to start your career over again, what would you do differently? 

Deepanshu chauhan :  Nothing else than sport. I love playing sports.

Digital Guruji : What inspires you? Whose work has influenced you most?

Boxer Deepanshu chauhan : In the boxing world, it was always Mr. Vijendra Singh. And apart from boxing My elder sister Aruna Chauhan, my brother Dushyant Chauhan Indian rower.

Digital Guruji : Tell us how a day in your life looks like? Your schedule for a day right from the time you get up till you hit the bed at night. 

Deepanshu chauhan : It was not very hard and fast but yes I have always been an early bird. Then I used to go for my boxing practice then I came back home. I used to make healthy meals and proper rest then in the evening I.was off to practice once again.

Digital Guruji : If you were given a choice of meeting any person you want, who will be that person? 

Deepanshu chauhan : Obviously Boxing Champion Mr. Vijendra Singh.

Digital Guruji : What is the biggest misconception that you think people have about you? 

Deepanshu chauhan : People always think that I don’t have time for them. But the fact is I was so much involved in a practice that I got very little time to spend with others.

Digital Guruji : What are your ideals / Principals? 

Boxer Deepanshu chauhan : Only three things hard work, Dedication and Devotion.

Digital Guruji : What advice would you like to give our youth who want to a good boxer? 

Deepanshu chauhan : Yes I want to tell them that If you love boxing, then give your 100% in this Boxing is not a route to govt. Job. It’s something much bigger than that. Always respect your sport.

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