Kamil Aftar : Internet freak with an Ambition

Kamil Aftar knows very well how to promote and outreach his clients’ events via the internet. He is an expert in digital marketing inside out, and that’s the main reason for his success at such a young age of 22 years. Kamil is already a pioneer in the Digital Marketing world and has been recognized by Digital Guruji as the “youngest Serial Entrepreneur in India”.

Aftar has worked with various reputed artists, Entrepreneurs & Companies hailing from all across the world. He hails from Belakoba, Jalpaiguri (West Bengal). At present, he is pursuing his engineering from IMPS Polytechnic College, West Bengal. His proven marketing strategies and experience of working with top-notch companies have helped him to learn every bit of the digital media industry. He has faced too many challenges and struggles in his initial phase, yet his hardship and dedication towards the profession helped in the rapid growth of his marketing agency in such a small period.

Kamil Aftar always loves to take up new challenges every day. Being a specialist in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), he believes in satisfying clients in all aspects. He claims that his priority is customer satisfaction instead of making money or profit.

He is too different from other entrepreneurs due to his hunger for success. Aftar utilizes his free time to learn innovative techniques and business skills so that he always stands ahead of his competitors. The youngest Serial Entrepreneur like Kamil Aftar is an inspiration for many youngsters in today’s time.

The plus point of Kamil is his self-confidence; he says that if you start believing in yourself, others too will believe in you and your work as well. So he advises all newbies in the digital marketing world to be confident and believe in internal strength. He suggests the Business owner always follow the rules of smart work and patience. With his smart work, Kamil has leveraged the leading Marketing Agency of India- Promo Expertz to a completely next level. The nation needs such young and visionary digital marketers who think fortunate for the future.


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